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The Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council is a professional association for people whose work includes developing, marketing, and administering charitable planned gifts. Members include persons who raise funds for nonprofit institutions, consultants, and professional advisors who work in a variety of legal and financial settings — people whose life work is helping others LEAVE A LEGACY® through a planned gift to the charities they love.

Conversation & Coffee

Date:        February 18, 2015 at 7:30 AM
Location:  Playhouse in the Park

Topic: Take Control of Your Workday 

Corral your unruly workday by implementing new systems and changing old habits. You’ll learn how to call the shots from your restructured office, including how to:

  • Eliminate distractions and interruptions you can control

  • Systemize and minimize your email process

  • Streamline meetings for maximum productivity

  • Delegate to others so you can maximize your time

  • Encourage your staff to get organized and become an efficient team 

Regardless of your career path, you’ll leave with new ideas applicable for today’s work environment.

Speaker – Lori Firsdon, Forte Organizers

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Virtual Seminar

Date:        February 04, 2015 at 12:00 PM
Location:  Cintas Center

Communicating Effectively About Planned Gifts: What 5000+ Test Subjects Tell Us  

When talking about making planned gifts to your charity, what words should you use to describe the options? Does their order matter? Should you enumerate the tax benefits? And what else should you mention? 

In this month’s webinar, Russell James answers these questions using insights from his research on planned gift messaging. Russell teaches in the Department of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University, where he also directs the on-campus and online graduate program in Charitable Financial Planning.

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GCPGC is a local council of the Partnership of Philanthropic Planning (formerly known as the NCPG). It is one of the largest and most active planned giving councils in the country. Membership makes great sense and is a terrific value with a host of benefits.

None of the work of GCPGC would be possible without the great support of our sponsors. Please support them!  Interested in sponsorship?  Please call (513) 554-3071.

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Mission Statement

To increase the quantity and quality of planned giving in our community by providing a forum for education, training, and networking among various professional disciplines involved in gift planning, in accordance with The Model Standards of Practice for Charitable Gift Planners.