Planned Giving on the Run

2023-2024 Schedule

Time: 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

  1. Tues., September 19, 2023
  2. Tues,. October 3, 2023
  3. Tues., November 7, 2023
  4. Tues., December 5, 2023
  5. Tues., January 9, 2024
  6. Tues., February 6, 2024

Xavier University, Alumni Building
1507 Dana Avenue
First Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45207

Pricing Course fee:  $200**

**Must be a GCPGC Member to attend. GCPGC annual dues are $70.00
(Please do NOT pay GCPGC dues with course registration or check will be returned)


“I had the opportunity to participate in GCPGC’s Planned Giving on the Run, on my first week of employment in development. Not only did I have a lot to learn about fundraising for St. Joseph Home as their first Major Gifts Officer, but I was also tasked with planned giving! I cannot say enough about this course. The facilitators are top in their field with years of experience behind them. They broke down what can be a very complicated subject into actionable pieces: the legal and tax implications of different giving vehicles; the very real emotional and personal considerations of our donors; how to market our planned giving programs to different segments of constituents. There was always something I could implement quickly and easily. If you’re new to planned giving, or if you have a new member of your team, send them to Planned Giving on the Run. You won’t regret it and your ROI will bear out the value of the course.”
-Lucienne Driehaus, Major Gifts Officer at St. Joseph Home

Planned Giving on the Run is a program that gives you all the nuts and bolts you need to start a planned giving program.

Has “start planned giving program” been on your project list for the past five years? Are you avoiding planned giving because you aren’t a tax expert? Is your board still asking, “Why don’t we have an endowment?”

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Planned Giving on the Run is for you.

Planned Giving on the Run

Program: comprehensive start-up with turn-key simplicity
People: veteran facilitators, mentors and expert speakers
Context: council resources provide continuing education

Adequate time will be allowed for class discussion and problem solving.

Planned Giving on the Run is designed for busy professionals who need a planned giving program but don’t have the time, staff or budget to start a traditional program.

Planned Giving on the Run will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating a planned giving program.

Planned Giving on the Run participants are matched with a mentor at the beginning of the series. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Mentor Chair, Rhonda Curtis at

Members of the 2023-2024 Planned Giving on the Run Committee are Rhonda Curtis, Kathann Koehler, Jeff Lydenberg, and Mark Noel.

2023 – 2024 Registration Now Open


Deadline for registration is Friday, September 8, 2023

Questions – contact Misty Griesinger at or 513-554-3071

Course Topics

Foundation Topics

  • Planned Giving Readiness
  • Foundations for Gift Planning
  • Designing a Gift Planning Program That Fits
  • Stewardship/Ethics
  • When Planned Giving is Not Your Only Responsibility
  • Resources for Gift Planning

Practical Applications

  • Identifying PG Prospects
  • Marketing Planned Giving
  • Legacy Societies
  • Strategies to Sustain Your Program
  • Prospect Management/Building Relationships/Making the Ask

Gift Planning Vehicles

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Bequest and TOD Gifts
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Charitable Planning with Qualified Retirement Accounts

Planned Giving on the Run is starting its thirteenth session in as many years here in Cincinnati.  It has trained over 200 people in our community in that time.  Each session commonly consists of 25-30 students, including executive and/or development directors, front-line fundraisers, development coordinators, as well as those staff hired to specialize in gift planning.  In addition, each session typically consists of a dozen or so individuals from the financial or legal fields, including attorneys, wealth planners, and bank trust officers.