Director of Fundraising and Donor Development

Job title: Director of Fundraising and Donor Development
Organization: Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Description

With the leadership, guidance and support of the CEO, the Development Committee and the Board of Directors, the Director of Fundraising and Donor Development is responsible for the coordination of all fundraising initiatives and activities of the organization.  He/she is directly responsible for the development and implementation of the fundraising plan, the cultivating, maintaining and coordinating of relationships with new and existing donors and supporters by the Director, CEO and the Board, and researching, writing and advocating grant proposals and related follow-up.  The Director is also responsible for supporting fundraising activities of the organization and of third parties, working in collaboration with the organization, the CEO and the Board.  As a member of the senior management team of the organization, the Director participates in strategic planning and budgeting initiatives in addition to problem solving.  He/she works within the guiding principles, policies and mission of the organization and will be accountable and responsible for specific projects assigned.  The current annual fundraising goal for the organization is $800,000.

Individual, Foundation, Corporate, Government Grants and In-Kind Giving

  • Responsible for the development, implementation, management and evaluation of all activities related to current and prospective individual, foundation, corporate, government grants and in-kind giving.
  • Responsible for the development and the ongoing management of the Donor Relationship Management Program, including research and identification of potential donors, developing the case for giving and, in concert with the CEO and the Board, developing and maintaining donor relationships.
  • Establish and service benefits, privileges, recognition, acknowledgements and incentives for donors and volunteers in order to maintain and improve relations.
  • Remain current on all legislation and ethical practices pertaining to fundraising.
  • Responsible for the implementation, supervision and management of fundraising database, ensuring the timely distribution of tax receipts where appropriate.
  • Compile, maintain and report to the CEO and the Board on the statistics and forecasts associated with giving, including donor gifts, churn, Donor Relationship Management Program effectiveness etc.
  • Prepare evaluations of fundraising potential for planned and existing development activities.
  • Analyze trends in giving, identifying opportunities and challenges and developing strategies to ensure goals are met.

Event Fundraising

  • Manage organization supported event activity, including volunteer recruitment, budget development and management, project plan development, management and evaluation, and solicitation of gifts in kind and sponsorship.
  • Liaise with and support organization-supported third party fundraising initiatives.

Committee Work

  • Support and help manage the fundraising work of the Development Committee and the Board of Directors
  • Where agreed with the CEO, participate in local community committee activities in support of community collective action funding opportunities.

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