Director of Foundation Board Relations

Job title: Director of Foundation Board Relations
Organization: The University of Cincinnati Foundation
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Description

The Director of Foundation Board Relations/Secretary of the UC Foundation Board serves as the prime liaison to the UC Foundation Board of Trustees and the Herschede Society (UCF emeritus board). This individual is a servant-leader with the executive leadership, diplomacy, and governance skills to work with these boards to inspire a community of UC and UC Health supporters through the power of philanthropy. The Director of Foundation Board Relations/Secretary of the UC Foundation Board assists the Foundation in leading, organizing and overseeing the day-to-day planning, strategies and operations of the UC Foundation Board and the UC Health Foundation (UCHF) Board.

Job Skills:

  • Provide organization and leadership in the strategic planning efforts to advance the UCF Board and UC Health Foundation Board in order for board members to serve as prime advocates for the vision, mission and values of UC, UC Health and the UCF.
  • Research, develop and implement individual board member philanthropic engagement plans and reports in collaboration with key leadership and development officers.
  • Lead, promote and support strategic board development opportunities both locally and nationally through coordinated efforts with board members and UCF staff.
  • Provide guidance to board members and UCF staff on governance matters.
  • Serve as ex-officio member of the UCF Board of Trustees as Secretary; serve as signatory for various legal documents and contracts as requested.
  • Coordinate and implement strategic communications for the UCF and UCHF Boards including personal contacts, regular emails and individual correspondence to keep the Board consistently informed regarding Foundation matters.
  • Develop, program, and staff the Herschede Society for ongoing engagement, recognition and involvement of emeriti trustees with the UCF, UC and UC Health.
  • Coordinate all aspects of UCF and UCHF Board Meetings including committee and full Board meetings. Work collaboratively with relevant parties at UCF to coordinate all logistics for meetings and manage the corresponding operational expenses. Lead the cross-functional board team in executing the semi-annual UCF Board meetings, board committee meetings throughout the year, regular meetings of UCHF and other initiatives. Lead board orientation and ongoing board development activities.
  • Coordinate and retain official records of the UCF Board in consultation with the Executive Director for Presidential Initiatives, the UCF President and UCF Board Chair.
  • Assist in reviewing the strategic direction of the UCF Board and provide strategic input to the UCF President, UCF Board Chair, and UCHF Board Chair regarding Board membership, involvement, and governance documents.
  • Supervise Program Manager for Foundation Board Relations.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree with 5-7 years of experience in higher education/not-for-profit administration with a background in fundraising, events, and/or stewardship.

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