Development Assistant

Job title: Development Assistant
Organization: Ohio Valley Voices

Job Description

Ohio Valley Voices is a 501C3 organization that teaches children that are deaf and hard of hearing how to listen and talk. Learn more about our programs and services by visiting our website at

The Development Assistant supports all aspects of the development department at Ohio Valley Voices. The Development Assistant plays an essential role in data collection and donor tracking.

Job Description

  • Assist with the cultivation of relationships with foundation, corporation, and individual donor to secure sponsorships for events
  • Develop sponsorship proposals and materials for submission and coordinate proposal follow up
  • Work with volunteers to coordinate and execute events, and work events
  • Database Management duties include; continually updating and correct and improving our database, records and report
  • Assist with productions and mailing of spring and year-end appeal letters
  • Send appropriate documentation to donors, foundations and corporations
  • Maintain guest lists, gather and prepare registration materials and other duties as assigned for fund-raising events
  • Assist with materials for distribution
  • Assist with events, fundraisers, prospect parties, receptions, etc.
  • Ensure proper donor activity tracking in database, including contact information, major gift volunteer engagement
  • Maintain campaign records and materials
  • Assist with editing, updating and fact-checking marketing and communication materials
  • Other duties as assigned by the development department.
  • Works with Communication department on monthly newsletter through Constant Contact
  • Responsible for all Social Media updates


An ideal candidate would also have the following qualities:

Anticipating Needs: The development assistant understands their role is about giving back time to the director of marketing and development and other key leaders so they can concentrate on the strategic side of the business.

Resourcefulness:  Resourcefulness is an intangible, innate ability that all development assistant possesses. The development assistant must know when and how to take appropriate action.

A Self-Starter, Who Sees the Big Picture:  The development assistant must be able to visualize the big picture, even while it’s still embryonic, so they can support their team members without needing constant supervision and direction. They are capable of independent thought and independent action.

Organizational Skills: A development assistant will immediately bring order to chaos. The development assistant knows the immediate status of each project they are working on. They have streamlined procedures in place. Everything they need is at their fingertips.

Focused: An assistant job is one of constant interruption. They must be able to juggle numerous projects and even after being pulled away from a task repeatedly, must be able to return to it and get it finished on time.

Persistent:  Every high performing development assistant will tell you; you can’t get much done without sheer persistence and diligent follow up. If they’re to make things happen, assistants can’t back away from something the first time someone says no. They must be comfortable insisting on getting the results they need without being confrontational.

Scrupulous About Details: Assuring a high quality of communication and service requires an obsessive attention to detail. Whether it is infallible proofreading, spelling, or board meetings and events organized down to the last detail, nothing is missing or overlooked, because development assistants are scrupulous with the details.

Always Discreet:  A development assistant shows excellent discretion in all communication.

Excellent Data Base Management Skills: Enough said.

Excellent Communication Skills:  Development assistants are Masters of Communication with strong speaking and writing skills. Because the development associate frequently speaks on behalf of the development office, they must convey an air of authority, competence and clarity.

Integrity:  The development assistant must always know right from wrong and be fully invested in doing the right thing. Failure to do so could severely damage the reputation of their department and the organization. A crucial aspect of integrity is keeping your word. Always do what you say you will do.

Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to Casondra Cooper at

Salary: $15 and hour – 20 hours a week