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Planned Giving on the Run - Session 2

October 04, 2017 at 8:00 AM
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

All the Nuts and Bolts You Need 
to Start a Planned Giving Program

Planned Giving on the Run is designed for busy professionals who may want to start a planned giving program but don’t have the time, staff or budget to start a traditional program. It is also for those who have some planned giving experience, but want to sharpen your skills and improve your program.  This program will lead you step-by-step through the essentials to have a successful planned giving program. 

What is Planned Giving on the Run?

  • Program: learn about comprehensive planned giving skills and infrastructure with turn-key simplicity
  • People: veteran facilitators, mentors, and expert speakers
  • Context: council resources provide continuing education and mentoring

2017-18 Schedule

Time: 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Dates: Usually the first Wednesday of the month

  1. September 6, 2017
  2. October 4, 2017
  3. November 1, 2017
  4. December 6, 2017
  5. January 3, 2018
  6. February 7, 2018

Location: Greater Cincinnati Foundation, 200 West Fourth Street, across from US Bank building 

Pricing Course fee:  $200**
**Must be a GCPGC Member to attend. GCPGC annual dues are $70.00 
(Please do NOT pay GCPGC dues with course registration or check will be returned) 

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Thank you to The Greater Cincinnati Foundation for hosting the Planned Giving on the Run Series 

Course Topics 

Foundational Topics Practical Applications Gift Planning Vehicles
Designing a Gift Planning Program That Fits When Planned Giving is Not Your Only Responsibility Bequests & T.O.D Gifts
“Impact” vs “Asset” Planning Writing a Case Statement Charitable Lead Trusts
Planned Giving Readiness Identifying PG Prospects Charitable Remainder Trusts
Stewardship/Ethics Resources for Gift Planning Charitable Gift Annuities
Foundations for Gift Planning Policies Affecting Planned Gifts Retirement Account Planning
  Executive Director and Board Other Planning Techniques 
  Marketing Planned Giving Tax Primer for Gift Planning 
  Record Keeping  
  Legacy Society  
  Strategies to Sustain Your Program  
  Building Relationships  
  Making the Ask  

Planned Giving on the Run has is starting its thirteenth session in as many years here in Cincinnati.  It has trained over 200 people in our community in that time.  Each session commonly consists of 25-30 students, including executive and/or development directors, frontline fundraisers, development coordinators, as well as those staff hired to specialize in gift planning.  In addition, each session typically consists of a dozen or so individuals from the financial or legal fields, including attorneys, wealth planners, and bank trust officers.

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